Yo Galgo Documentary

Documentary film about the spanish sighthound

YO GALGO is a documentary project about the Spanish sight hound. The Galgo has been an important part of traditional countryside culture for centuries. It was a respected figure present in tales and myths all over Spain, a food provider and companion on the agricultural fields. Now the passion to breed these dogs, run and hunt with them persists but with a significant change, something that glooms over the Galgo world making it somewhat secretive, obscure and undocumented. Estimates tell that over 50.000 galgos are abandoned or killed every year and, as prices in the black market for the good runners keep on growing, theft and fear hover over most breeders. I haven´t met yet a breeder who has not been robbed, who is not afraid. This documentary is about those passionate people breeding to find a champion and those many other dogs that will not make it. 

Proyecto sobre el galgo español


Bacalao, my galgo, brought to Denmark when she was only two months old, wonders now how her life could have been if she had stayed in Spain. Now she goes back to find her ten brothers, bought by a man very difficult to find, and along the way finds many unexpected stories.